Eland appliances are built to suit your business needs. The prime considerations in the design of our products are security and reliability while keeping the system simple and user friendly. Our appliances offer common management and monitoring tools to simplify administration and troubleshooting.

Eland network security appliances offer an integrated and comprehensive solution to protect your network at the perimeter. With built-in firewall, Antispam and Antivirus protection, Web content filtering and Virtual Private Network, our appliances offer you maximum security measures.

Eland SYS-2 Series



The perfect choice for the enterprise or the small office looking for a Firewall appliance to provide integrated security. The SYS-2 can also filter spam and viruses. The SYS-2 is ideal for securing your communication between offices whether it is Active Directory access, business applications or VoIP with its built-in IPSec VPN.



A cost-effective solution for the small/home office. The SYS-2 SOHO offers full firewall protection and built-in IPSec VPN. Connect to your main office and share files and access your business applications over secure VPN tunnels.



The SYS-2 SOHO 5 is a more powerful version of the SOHO product line and can sustain more IPSec VPN traffic.

Managing our appliances is very easy. They can be configured and managed using a browser. The reporting features of our Eland appliances simplifies administration considerably. It gives you an up to the minute view of what is happening on your network. You can also view historical data and trends at a glance.

Eland products are built upon server-grade hardware We have utilized standardized hardware components to make maintenance a breeze. You can service your appliance locally by picking the parts at any computer store and replacing them yourself.