Nowadays over 50% of email can be categorized as spam. Spam is a growing problem with no end in sight. It is tedious to sort through email with amount of unsolicited mail that flood our mailbox.

The Eland Appliance is a cheap and affordable solution to stop spam. It comes with an unlimited user license which means that you don't have to pay more money as you add more users.

The Eland Appliance acts as a SMTP gateway which inspects each message as it is being received from the outside world. Each email is assigned a score by inspecting its content. The Antispam service also scans outgoing mail to prevent users and compromised hosts from sending out spam.


  • Bayesian Analysis
  • Header Analysis
  • Body Analysis
  • Automatic whitelist
  • DNS blacklist
  • Customized policies per user and per domain
  • Language analysis
  • Character set analysis
  • Automatic antispam signature update
  • Block specific IP addresses
  • Block specific email addresses
  • Customized rules
  • Greylisting
  • SMTP command Throttling to prevent attacks
  • Rate Limiting
  • Open Relay protection
  • Real-time reporting

Works with MS Exchange or any SMTP compliant mail server

The Eland Appliance can reduce the amount of unwanted mail by filtering them before they are delivered to your mail server. You can configure the Antispam filtering level to determine which emails will be considered as spam. Our Appliance is fully compatible with:

  • Microsoft Exchange 5.5
  • Microsoft Exchange 2000
  • Microsoft Exchange 2003
  • Lotus Notes
  • Lotus Domino
  • Novell GroupWise 5
  • Novell GroupWise 6
  • Oracle Collaboration Suite
  • IMail
  • Sendmail
  • Qmail
  • Postfix

Customized to suit your needs

The Antispam service running on the Eland Appliance can be configured to tag the subject line if the email score is over a threshold. It can also be configured to reject the email instead of accepting it if the score is beyond the threshold. Most emails have a score of five or less. You can set the Anti-Spam service to add the ***SPAM*** tag to the subject line of all emails with a score of six or above with the and reject all emails with a score above seven.

The Anti-Spam system allows you to whitelist the email addresses of people you usually correspond with. This ensures that the system does not reject any email originating from your business partners.

Tracking Spam

An e-mail message is divided into two parts, the headers and the body. The headers contain all the technical information, such as who the sender and recipient are and from which mail server the email sent. Click here to learn how to view the email headers.